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The Free 3-Day Detox Diet Plan That Works for Fast Weight Loss, Cleanse, Refresh and Rejuvenate

The Free 3-Day Detox Diet Plan is a plan to cleanse your body, to clear your mind and to uplift your spirit. The detox works by restricting, for a short time, the food and beverages you consume. It allows you to be renewed and replenished. Some people go to a plush spa to rejuvenate themselves, but you can do it yourself at home. The detox program integrates mind, body and spirit into a healthy plan that will help renew your energy, restore your body and refresh your spirit.

The world we live in is toxic. You breath polluted air, you eat food grown with chemicals, you drink water laden with more chemicals. Even our relationships and jobs are negative and toxic to good health. A 3-day detox diet is a way to take control of your health. It is a free program to cleanse yourself in mind, body and spirit. The diet says good-bye to all the chemicals and toxins loaded in your body, the negative ideas that are lodged in your head and the destructive behavior patterns that destroy your sense of peace. It is a way to break with the past and to restart your life from a new beginning.

The free 3-day detox has 3 steps you follow for 3 days.

  1. The first step is to change what you eat. It offers a light, simple meal plan, much easier than fasting, that anyone can follow.
  2. The second step is to cleanse your mind by meditation and breathing practices. These calm you, balance your body, and support its healing.
  3. The third step is to create rituals in your life with a schedule for quiet time, journaling and meditating.

Why You Need the Free 3-Day Detox Diet Plan

The free 3-day detox is an energy fast that works. It is a time to take your health into your own hands. Right now your life is toxic. You are probably taking too many prescription medications that accumulate in your body. You breathe polluted air. You drink water filled with chemicals. You eat foods laded with more chemicals. Some of you smoke like a flue. Some of you chug alcoholic beverages to find relaxation. Maybe you eat to relieve stress. You over-indulge in sweets and carbohydrates, caffeine, colas, salt and fats, while you ignore simple fruits, vegetables and grains. All the while you get headaches and you drag yourself through the day. It’s hard to make decisions and your life is spinning out of control.

The free 3-day detox diet offers you a way to find more energy, to gain back your life force. You can use it to kick-start a healthy diet and move toward a lifetime good eating plan. It puts you in touch with your inner self, the person who is not fearful, who knows the joy in each day and finds a natural place in this world. It brings stillness and clarity to your life.

Benefits of the Free 3-Day Detox

The 3 day detox is a juice and water fast. It lightens the digestive load on your body, and allows the organs time to heal themselves. With a juice diet, your body still gets vitamins and minerals it requires, it gets the enzymes from raw foods that help with cleansing. The body gets antioxidants, the powerful forces that fight dangerous free radicals. And you get the liquids to flush your system and carry toxins out of the body.

Caution: If you have any medical condition or if you take prescription medicine, please consult your physician before you begin a fast, or before making extreme changes to your diet. This is also important because some medicines and even natural supplements can only be taken with meals. During your detox, avoid rigorous exercise. If at any time during the fast you do not feel well, discontinue the 3-day detox.

How to Prepare for the Free 3-Day Detox Diet Plan

Prepare yourself for the 3-day detox by cutting back on what you eat and drink ahead of time. Allow your body to get used to less caffeine, less alcohol, less sugar and less smoking, before you start three days of abstinence. There will be so sugar, caffeine, oil, wheat, alcohol, meat or daily during the detox.

To prepare for the 3-day detox fast diet, take two or three days beforehand to acclimate yourself to a new eating plan. In anticipating of the detox to come, breakfast can start with warm lemon water or a herbal tea. You can also eat a piece of fresh fruit, or you can have miso soup. Lunch calls for a generous salad of fresh, raw vegetables. Or you can have a mixed selection of steamed vegetables. There are a variety of vegetables you can include, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, squashes, green beans, and more from your grocer. Dinner is another meal of fresh or steamed vegetables.

Menu for the 3-Day Detox Diet Plan

The 3-day detox is a diet of juices homemade from fresh fruits and vegetables. Use organic whenever possible. You have a lot of flexibility to choose fruits and vegetables for your juice drinks. Get your juicer and blender fired up. You can make your juices in advance, to avoid any last minute rushing in the kitchen. Wash all fruits and vegetables. Remove stems and stones from them, but not the peels. Include water in each beverage.

  1. For the breakfast juice, peel and combine in a blender, pieces of pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberries. Add lots of water. Add a tablespoon of flax seed oil and a tablespoon of acidophilus for their digestive benefits.
  2. The mid-morning beverage is another blender blast. Combine pieces of several apples, strawberries and seedless grapes. For an alternative juice blend, use apples, pears with a piece of ginger. You can also juice a bunch of grapes with lots of water for another beverage. Another blender combo is pinapple with berries and the juice of a fresh orange.
  3. The lunch beverage is a combo raw vegetable juice. It could be carrots with beets and apple. You can also prepare a juice of cabbage, carrots and celery. The best of all is a Green Hornet drink, which you make with 6 or 7 green vegetables, along with an apple to lighten the taste. You could include kale, spinach, cucumber, cabbage, celery, parsley or any other favorite greens.
  4. The mid-afternoon juice break is another vegetable medley. You could vary the ingredients with tomatoes, celery and red pepper for a raw cocktail.
  5. Dinner on the 3-Day Detox Diet Plan calls for a warm vegetable broth with a great assortment of vegetables. Into your pot go cabbage, beets, potatoes, carrots, celery, squash, with garlic and green onion and herbs if you have them. Simmer the vegetables until tender and blend them into a broth.

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