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How to Diet, Lose Weight Fast and Stay Thin

There are many diet plans available with advice on how to diet, lose weight fast, eat healthy, and stay thin. As you know, the essentials of most diet plans are to eat less and exercise more. Most of the popular diet plans suggest meals of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein.

But maybe you can’t stick to a diet and lose weight. You know you will look better and feel healthier if you could reach your ideal weight. What excuses do you make for your overeating? Do you blame your weight on your stress, on your crazy schedule, your food cravings, impulse eating, emotional upsets, the desire for comfort foods, your body metabolism, lack of self control, nervous energy, lack of sleep, bad eating habits? All these bad habits interfere with weight loss and make you overweight.

The Weight Loss Coach shows you how to overcome emotional eating, conquer your cravings, rev up your motivation and feel confident about your body. You can diet, lose weight and stay thin for life.

Diet and Weight Loss Rebuild Your Sense of Self-Worth

Do you like the person you see? Would you like to become slim, healthy and fit? Losing weight will also rebuild your confidence and your respect for yourself. When you look around, it seems that other people have more money than you, more success than you and more happiness. You have hopes and dreams for yourself, but you don’t know how to reach them. There is a gap between wanting and having, a gap between desiring and realizing your desires. There is a gap between going on a diet and actually losing weight. How come some people have life so good?

Take heart. Weight loss when you go on a diet is not impossible. You can make changes in your own life, real and lasting changes. You can reach your ideal weight. You can attract health and fitness into your life. Here today is another approach to diet, lose weight and stay thin.

Dieting Plans. How Your Mind Teaches You to Fail

Your mind is split into the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Each area feeds you messages about who you are and what you can do. Your mind holds all the thoughts you have had. Every success or failure is recorded in your thoughts. Your achievements, your experiences, your grasp of the world, your understanding of yourself, are all rooted in your thoughts.

Even when you start a diet to lose weight, the restless chatter of your mind is directing your beliefs and actions. Your subconscious mind speaks to you even when you don’t notice it. It is conditioning you how to behave and to expect results. If the messages from your subconscious mind are negative, you will believe the messages and act on those messages. If the messages are positive, you will accept them and act positively. These messages can make your diet plan a success or a failure.

In all areas of your life, wealth, health, success, happiness and dieting, the subconscious is a powerful force controlling your thoughts. Do you think you are fat? Your subconscious mind repeats over and over that you are fat. Do you think that you aren’t worthy of love? Your mind directs you not to expect love. And when you find yourself alone in life, it’s no surprise, because your thoughts have conditioned you to expect loneliness. Now you consciously desire to lose weight. But no matter how intensely you desire it, you never drop the extra pounds, or if you do, you regain them quickly. Why is that?

Your subconscious mind is interfering with the diet and weight loss. It exerts a powerful force to condition your beliefs and thwart your success. In order to succeed in a weight loss program, you must overcome the negative programming of the subconscious mind.

Losing Weight. How the Weight Loss Coach Helps You to Lose Weight

The Weight Loss Coach teaches you self-realization and self-actualization. These techniques bring your subconscious thoughts into harmony with your expressed desires. The system works along with any diet plan you chose. This system is so simple that everyone can do it. It requires only your good intentions and a few minutes of your time. Best of all, it costs you nothing.

This diet coaching technique enables you to build boundaries for your thoughts. Up to now your thoughts ran in all directions, like a river that floods its banks and spreads out across the land. When you start a diet plan, you should build boundaries for your thoughts. When your thoughts are channeled in productive directions, impulse eating, food cravings and runaway eating will vanish. Under your control, your thoughts can lead you to the desired result, which is losing weight.

The Weight Loss Coach focuses your thoughts in positive, productive channels. It teaches you how to take control of your mind and to direct your own thoughts. It shows you the things to tell yourself, the words to use and the ideas to develop, so that your thoughts are full of positive power. The self-coaching system will make clear and immediate changes in your thoughts and in your life. It will work in your life to attract the things you want and desire. It will change your life in ways that amaze and astonish you. It will help you to diet, lose weight and stay thin. Here’s the Self-Coaching System for you, step by step.

Self-Coaching to Diet, Lose Weight and Stay Thin

While you are dieting, make time for your daily self-coaching. Relax and concentrate on a mental image of yourself healthy, trim and fit. Then direct your thoughts with the diet plan affirmations that follow. Repeat each one slowly. Say them out loud if possible. Write your affirmations on paper and read them often. Recall your affirmations many times during the day, and remind yourself of each one. You are building a set of positive attitudes and thoughts to replace the negativity of the subconscious. With practice, you will come to believe the affirmations and take them into your heart. Your food cravings will lessen. Impulse eating will diminish. Junk food will be replaced with nutritional food. Your actions and expectations will change along with your improved appearance. Here are the affirmations that will help you diet, lose weight and stay thin.

Diet Affirmations to Support Your Weight Loss Program

  1. Every day I am losing weight.
  2. Losing weight feels great.
  3. I drink lots of water.
  4. I love to exercise.
  5. I love to eat healthy.
  6. I will lose weight.
  7. I am in control of my appetite.
  8. I enjoy healthy eating.
  9. I lose weight quickly.
  10. I achieve my desired weight easily.
  11. I change diets if needed.
  12. I love my weight loss.
  13. Losing weight feels fantastic.
  14. I can exercise with others.
  15. I enjoy healthy food.
  16. I am happy to lose weight.
  17. I am losing weight right now.
  18. I plan healthy meals.
  19. It is ok to lose weight.
  20. Every day I am losing weight.
  21. I reward myself for losing weight.
  22. I am in control of my appetite.
  23. I love my body.
  24. I enjoy walking.
  25. I am proud of my body
  26. I love everything about me.
  27. I think before I eat.

Now You Have the Tools to Diet, Lose Weight and Stay Thin

Diet affirmations are a wonderful tool for dieters. They speak directly to your subconscious mind. As you give your subconscious mind these positive commands about dieting to lose weight, you build on the power of positive thinking. You unleash the hidden energy and potential that can change your dreams and thoughts. With each affirmation, you mobilize your inner resources. While the subconscious mind is reshaped, you are losing weight. You are recreating your body and your life. Don’t let another day go by without trying the affirmations for yourself.

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